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Oracle Tests Better in Performance than Amazon Web Services
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute bare metal instances is shown in independent testing by StorageReview to have a 2X-5X performance advantage compared to similar configurations from Amazon Web Services (AWS) across a wide range of workloads.
Announcing Jump Start Learning
Get hands-on with new Learning self-paced labs. These 15-45 minute labs provide step-by-step directions for configuring and working with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
Webinar: TruGreen Migrates Oracle Applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Concerns about migrating Oracle applications to the cloud? Learn how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the ideal cloud for your Oracle applications.
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Take advantage of cloud data storage without the the need to make any modifications to your on-premises applications. Storage Gateway is ideal for consolidating branch office data into a centralized data source. Learn more with the following resources:
Learn more about the Data Transfer Appliance and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with the following resources:
Volume Groups, Boot volume backups and clones, and larger volume support expand the breadth of capabilities that you should expect from an enterprise cloud provider. To learn more, check out the following resources:

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