HPC on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

High Performance Computing changes the economics of product development and research. It requires fewer prototypes, accelerates testing, and decreases time to market. Oracle offers on-demand HPC infrastructure, suitable for any HPC workload, based on the most advanced compute, storage, networking, and software technologies—at a fraction of the cost of building it yourself.


  • Compute instances with the latest NVIDIA GPUs and Intel Skylake processors, including high core count and high frequency options
  • Up to 51.2 TB local NVMe storage per compute instance
  • 2 x 25 Gbps network interfaces - or 1 x 25 Gbps and 1 x 100 Gbps for RDMA


  • Bare metal compute instances for the utmost control of, and performance from, your hardware
  • Block storage volumes up to 1 PB
  • Software frameworks for rendering, scientific, manufacturing, design, AI, machine learning, and more


Oracle Customer Success with HPC

See how Oracle powers some of the most innovative and demanding HPC applications
"What we really like about the bare metal offering from Oracle is that there is very little technology between us and the hardware.”
– David Standingford
   Director and Cofounder, Zenotech
"By accessing the power of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure we have been able to render at half the time that we have been able to see with other providers."
– Simon Ponsford
   Chief Technical Officer, Yellowdog
"With Oracle Cloud our Deep Space Trajectory Explorer can evaluate 50x more trajectory options, which gives us better information and decisions."
– Nick Netreba
   Director of Mission Services, a.i. solutions
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Test Drive HPC on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in minutes!

Try pre-configured solutions running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, for free. You can launch a Jump Start Demo Lab in minutes, enabling you to learn more about application management solutions from Oracle’s technology partners.
Univa® Grid Engine® is a distributed resource management system that optimizes resources in HPC clusters by transparently selecting the resources that are best suited for each segment of work. In this Demo Lab, you will spin up a Grid Engine cluster to run and manage HPC workloads. Grid Engine software manages workloads automatically, maximizing shared resources and accelerating deployment of any container, application or service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Featured Partner

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure HPC Ecosystem
ANSYS Preferred Solution Partner
Oracle continues to add partners to our HPC ecosystem, and announced our partnership with ANSYS at ISC 2018. Oracle is an ANSYS Preferred Solution Partner, so you can build HPC solutions with ANSYS on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with confidence.
You can also read about our partnerships with Altair and Citrix.

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