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Get to Know Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

New to Oracle Cloud? Start with this series of product introduction videos to get acquainted with various components of our cloud.
Learn about Virtual Cloud Networks, and VCN setup, including creating subnets, route tables and configuring stateful firewalls.
Learn about bare metal and virtual machine instances, and view a quick demo on how to launch an instance through the web console.
Block Volumes - Part 1
Learn about high I/O Block Volumes that enable high performance applications, seamless data protection and recovery.
Block Volumes - Part 2
Learn how to create, attach, and clone Block Volumes without the need to create a backup.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Tutorials

Get your first applications running with the help of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tutorials.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Service Demo
This video depicts how easy it is to manage databases using simplified tools like patching, Data Guard or backup/recovery.
Orchestration with Terraform
This video also contains a quick demo on how to deploy MongoDB using Terraform orchestration.
Backup and Restore with Commvault on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Learn how to configure, back-up and restore the cloud storage library in the Commvault console.

Dive in with Preconfigured Solutions

Jump Start Demo Labs allow you to try preconfigured solutions for free. Get setup in minutes and try as many as you like.
Oracle E Business Suite
This Demo Lab provides an instance of Oracle E-Business Suite running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
Cloudera on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Use Cloudera Hadoop hands-on-labs to practice ingesting data, using log file parsing, Spark based processing, performing analytics, and an introduction to Cloudera Manager.
Continuous Integration with Jenkins on Oracle Cloud
Try the basics of Jenkins, one of the most widely used Continuous Integration systems in this Demo Lab.
Symantec Control Compliance Suite
See how to easily automate security assessments across your critical databases, operating systems, applications, and virtual machines.

Go Deeper with Advanced Training

Enhance your knowledge of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with self-paced courses and certification.
Foundation Training

Set yourself up for success with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Level 100 courses.

Advanced Training

Level-up with 200 series courses and go deeper into advanced topics for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Get Certified

Validate your understanding of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services and gain a proven competitive edge through certification.

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