DevOps on Oracle Cloud

Application teams are continuously looking to increase their velocity, releasing products more frequently, fixing problems in less time, and maintaining higher overall quality. To support these DevOps goals, Oracle Cloud delivers a wide range of powerful services for software development, container management, software configuration, build, integration and deployment.


Customers build new applications and businesses on Oracle Cloud

Run containers, big data, and AI/ML on bare metal for unmatched performance. Scale even the most performance hungry databases like Mongo and Cassandra with ease.
Linkd, a project management SaaS vendor, scales their MongoDB application for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry
"Oracle just blows everybody else away with both the amount of storage for the price point, and the IOPS is multiple times faster than any other provider.”
- Todd Robertti, CEO, Linkd (fka Wireflare)
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a.i. solutions, a space exploration engineering company, leverages the cloud for trajectory analysis and design
"When we started exploring Oracle’s cloud, everything just worked."
- Sean M Phillips, Principal Software Engineer, a.i. solutions
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GraalVM Enterprise Runs Programs Faster Anywhere

GraalVM Enterprise is a multilingual virtual machine built on Oracle’s enterprise-class Java Standard Edition. It provides flexibility to use any combination of languages for any application and run anywhere.
Ideal for cloud native environments. By compiling Java ahead-of-time it starts services 100X faster and reduces memory usage up to 5X. This prevents services idling and wasting resources such as CPU and memory in process, making it excellent for running microservices, Function-as-a-Service and service mesh. It also contains compilation and other optimization algorithms that typically provide an additional 20% application performance improvement while reducing memory footprint.
Additional Resources:
GraalVM Enterprise: Language-Level Virtualization


GraalVM: Run Programs Faster Everywhere


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Test drive application development tools on our cloud in minutes!

Try pre-configured solutions running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, for free. Within minutes, a Jump Start Demo Lab will be launched, enabling you to start learning about application management solutions from Oracle’s technology partners.
This Demo Lab allow you to try one of the most widely used Continuous Integration systems. Jenkins is a Java based, open source automation server nearly synonymous with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.
In this Demo Lab, experience a complete enterprise search solution based on DataStax Enterprise Graph and CQL running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

It's easy to set up an environment and start building on Oracle

Here's a set of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources to get you started: interfaces, persistence mechanisms, orchestration, container frameworks, serverless, and links to Oracle Cloud Platform for even more.
Fn Project (open source serverless framework)

The Fn project is a container native serverless platform that you can run anywhere — any cloud or on-premises. It’s easy to use, supports every programming language, and is extensible and performant.

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