Data Protection Solutions by Oracle and its Partners

Intellectual property, financial transactions, and business data are among the most valuable assets of any organization. Businesses can now protect their mission-critical data and applications with confidence by adopting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Storage Solutions as migration and backup destinations, reducing cost and complexity while maintaining operational consistency.


Agile and Cost-effective Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

A leading provider of trusted identity and secure transactions technology solutions switches Oracle E-Business Suite disaster recovery from on-premises hardware to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
“Deployment was quick and simple – we could manage almost everything within a single team. We can fire up a Linux host in one minute, instead of creating a ticket and waiting for manual internal processes to allocate it to physical hardware, configure, deploy it, and notify us of completion. That can take days.”
- Jim DeVos, Applications and Database Administrator, Entrust Datacard

Data Protection Strategies with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage

Oracle Object Storage provides extremely durable, secure, and cost-effective storage with near infinite capacity. Data is stored redundantly across multiple storage servers, and across multiple Availability Domains.
Data integrity is actively monitored using checksums, and corrupt data is detected and auto-repaired. Any loss in data redundancy is automatically detected and self-healed, without any customer impact. Oracle Object Storage is designed for 99.95% availability. It is the perfect technology to support data protection policies across a wide range of use cases.

Backup and Restore Use Cases

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Storage Solutions

Oracle Database Cloud Service
Standard service functionality, backing up data to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage, see Database FAQs, Backup and Recovery.
Oracle Database(s) running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Uses Oracle Recovery Manager, Oracle Database's backup and restore functionality, to backup data to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage, see Oracle Technology Network - Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN).
Oracle Database(s) running in an on-premises data center
You can use Oracle Object Storage as a destination for your backups, regardless of whether the backup originates in the cloud or in the on-premises datacenter. From your datacenter you can direct your Oracle RMAN backups to Object Storage via native integration, see the object storage FAQ.
Block Storage Volumes
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers a new capability among leading public cloud providers: automated, policy-based, scheduled, full and incremental backups for block storage volumes to reliable and cost-effective object storage, see this blog post about automated and policy-based backups.
Data Archiving
The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Archive Storage tier is ideal for storing long living data that is accessed infrequently. Data can be accessed using the same interfaces as Oracle Object Storage (API, SDK, CLI), however data retrieval is not instantaneous. Archive Storage is about 90% cheaper than Object Storage, see the archive storage FAQ.


RackWare and Oracle

RackWare CEO Sash Sunkara explains how RackWare can help enterprises migrate and protect workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Commvault and Oracle

Commvault discusses how it helps enterprises extend their datacenters to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to protect their data and applications.

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