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Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud for Midsize

To ensure that your midsize organization can identify and hire the right talent, manage them effectively, and retain them, it’s critical to manage the entire employee lifecycle and establish a great employee experience.

Oracle Absence Management

Oracle Absence Management is a highly configurable rules-based solution that helps organizations manage employee absenteeism globally and locally. Read this data sheet to learn more about how Absence Management can help reduce the effects associated with absenteeism such as: costs, risks, and productivity.

Oracle Benefits

Oracle Benefits is a global, rules-based benefits solution that enables organizations to manage and deliver benefits programs that meet their mission, objectives, and strategic alignment to the organization.

Oracle Career Development

Oracle Career Development provides a way for employees to identify career opportunities and maintain a development plan to bring them closer to their career goals.

Oracle Expenses

Oracle Expenses Cloud is a complete, end-to-end solution for digital expense management giving employees easy data entry options, and financial managers detailed spend information and policy-driven control. Online and mobile, along with spreadsheet entry options, automate travel entry details and approvals, reducing administrative headaches while still capturing essential data for effective cost management.

Oracle Global Human Resources

Oracle's Global Human Resources goes beyond traditional HR tasks with applications that balance people, process, and technology to improve workforce efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.

Oracle Goal Management

As an integral part of Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM), Oracle Goal Management provides organizations a best-in-class solution to track and manage organizational and individual goals and closely align them with the overall talent management process.

Oracle Performance Management

An integral part of Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) solution, Oracle Performance Management fully automates the performance process and provides executives, managers, and employees with valuable and immediate insight to workforce performance progression and its alignment with organizational objectives.

Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence

Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) delivers a flexible and easy-to-use analysis tool that helps HR analysts and managers gain real-time insight into transactional data, understand data patterns, and receive alerts to key events and data anomalies. With robust ad-hoc reporting, role-based dashboards, data visualization, and self-service information delivery, OTBI puts reporting in the hands of business users.
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