Global Workforce Executive Dashboards
Understand your global workforce and drive targeted HR strategies
Predictive Analytics
Anticipate change to devise recruitment and internal development accordingly
Cross-Source Analytics
Deliver a unified view of workforce across multiple business systems
Advanced Analytics
Comparative, trending, and snapshot analytics to drive informed decisions


Understand how compensation impacts employee movement and retention
Helps with identifying the best recruiting sources
Skills Coverage
Ensure future skills are in place to meet strategic plan
In-Context Analytics
Gain instant insight into key challenges and how to solve them


Talent Management
Offer deep insights into employee performance
Monitor and optimize the effectiveness of company benefits
Workforce Management
Gain visibility into workforce mobility, departmental headcounts, retention, open positions, and more
Compensation Management
Monitor and manage payroll costs, employee compensation, overtime spend, and more

Casual Users

Self Service
View and update employee-specific information with no help from IT
Provide a record of individual payroll payments received, including pay amounts, deductions taken, and accruals
Performance Management
View development goal plans and performance goal plans in a report format
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