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Oracle Global Human Resources

Oracle's Global Human Resources goes beyond traditional HR tasks with applications that balance people, process, and technology to improve workforce efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.

Oracle Absence Management

Oracle Absence Management is a highly configurable rules-based solution that helps organizations manage employee absenteeism globally and locally. Read this data sheet to learn more about how Absence Management can help reduce the effects associated with absenteeism such as: costs, risks, and productivity.

Oracle Advanced HCM Controls

Oracle Advanced HCM Controls provides comprehensive management of application access. It automates security analysis, identifies violation of access policies, and supports the segregation of duties.

Oracle Benefits

Oracle Benefits is a global, rules-based benefits solution that enables organizations to manage and deliver benefits programs that meet their mission, objectives, and strategic alignment to the organization.

Oracle HR Help Desk

Natively developed, HR Help Desk Cloud is the HR case management solution for our HCM customers to provide the superior service your workers expect.

Oracle My Brand

Oracle's My Brand harnesses a wide range of employee contribution, interaction, and feedback to help organizations locate, engage, and retain talent. My Brand provides insight into employee reputation while also helping organizations leverage their employer brand.

Oracle My Volunteering

Volunteerism taps into a deeply-rooted human need to make a difference in the world. Forward-thinking organizations understand this need and actively support employees' efforts to serve their communities. Oracle's My Volunteering helps improve employee engagement and strengthen employer brands by making volunteering a seamless experience for the workforce.

Oracle My Wellness

My Wellness is part of the work/life set of human resource applications serving both employees and benefits professionals.

Oracle Strategic Workforce Planning

Oracle Strategic Workforce Planning aligns your people strategy with your business strategy, to optimize your workforce for today, and prepare your organization for the workforce of tomorrow.

Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence

Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) delivers a flexible and easy-to-use analysis tool that helps HR analysts and managers gain real-time insight into transactional data, understand data patterns, and receive alerts to key events and data anomalies. With robust ad-hoc reporting, role-based dashboards, data visualization, and self-service information delivery, OTBI puts reporting in the hands of business users.

Oracle Workforce Health and Safety Incidents

Oracle Workforce Health and Safety Incidents provides organizations with the ability to effectively and simply manage environmental health and safety incidents. The entire process from reporting the incidents and hazards and capturing critical information, to conducting reviews, tracking KPIs, and automating follow-up actions is dramatically simplified for all employees.

Oracle Workforce Predictions

An integral part of Oracle's Human Capital Management and Business Intelligence solutions, Oracle's Workforce Predictions provides forward-looking insight into your workforce trends and enables you to take action early, aligning human capital plans with organizational business objectives.
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