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Oracle Engagement Cloud Sales and Service

Oracle Engagement Cloud offers robust sales and service capabilities built on a single platform, with easy mobile access and native AI that predicts each account's win probability and recommended next-best actions.

Oracle Engagement Cloud: Sales Foundation

Oracle Engagement Cloud Sales Foundation offers a full spectrum of capabilities that go beyond traditional sales force automation. Manage the entire sales lifecycle including leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, assets, activities, and assessments. Monitor forecasts, leverage content across teams, and use other in-context collaboration tools to increase productivity.

Oracle Engagement Cloud: Sales Performance Management

Oracle Sales Performance Management helps companies to be more flexible, accountable, and responsive to improve sales effectiveness and achieve targeted revenue goals. By providing productivity and training tools for sales reps, on-boarding and ramp-up costs are significantly reduced.

Oracle Sales Planning Cloud

Oracle Sales Planning Cloud is an extensible, reliable way to set and analyze data-driven intelligent quotas using best-practice methodologies and by engaging key participants in the process.

Oracle Engagement Cloud: Partner Relationship Management

Oracle Partner Relationship Management (PRM) enables channel managers and partners to manage channel programs, share leads, register deals, create quotes, collaborate in real time, and deliver results with streamlined channel execution.

Oracle Engagement Cloud: Customer Data Management

Clean, consistent customer data is vital to organizations' success. Customer Data Management helps organizations consolidate, clean, complete, and coordinate data to and from multiple sources. It can also standardize addresses, resolve duplicate record issues, and ensure the best version customer profile that reps and managers can trust.

Oracle Engagement Cloud: Smart Data

Oracle Engagement Cloud Smart Data accelerates account subscription by enriching, validating, and standardizing high-quality data as it's being entered.

Oracle CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote)

Oracle CPQ enables sales personnel to sell smarter by automating much of the opportunity-to-quote-to-order process, including product selection, configuration, pricing, deal negotiation, quoting, contracting, ordering, and approval workflows.

Oracle Engagement Cloud: Service Foundation

Oracle Engagement Cloud Service Foundation is the underpinning for connected service experiences, empowering your teams to offer exceptional experiences by streamlining interactions, providing a 360-degree view of the customer and enabling collaboration between sales and service professionals.

Oracle Engagement Cloud: Digital Customer Service

With Oracle Engagement Cloud Digital Customer Service (ODCS), your businesses can empower customers to find the right answers to their inquiries and easily interact with your brand.

Oracle Service Cloud: Policy Automation

Oracle Policy Automation enables personalized, agile, transparent advice across the organization and throughout the customer service experience.

Oracle Service Cloud: Field Service Professional

Oracle Field Service Professional is built on time-based, self-learning, and predictive technology, empowering you to solve business problems while enabling your field service organization.

Oracle Service Cloud: Field Service Enterprise

Oracle Field Service Enterprise provides the tools that empower you to manage field operations centrally from a single interface, improving visibility, on-time arrival, and efficiency.
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