The Future of Education and Research will be in the Cloud

As the higher education community transforms, Oracle provides the most comprehensive solutions for college campuses today. Learn more about Oracle Education and Research Cloud solutions.

Campus Trends

A Unique Approach to Transformation
Why choose Oracle for your digital transformation? It's simple. As a long-term partner in higher education, you can trust our complete cloud services to help improve student outcomes and operational efficiency.
The Complete Student Experience
Student Cloud helps institutions anticipate their students' needs, illuminate their academic path, and empower them to succeed.
Meeting the Changing Fiscal Realities on Campus
Oracle is transforming colleges and universities worldwide with new and engaging cloud services for the entire student and employee lifecycle.
Importance of Research
Oracle has radically changed what is possible in data driven research with advancements in key technologies including Big Data, Machine Learning/AI, and IoT.
Different Clouds for Different Purposes
At Penn State, the ultimate goal is to allow researchers to spend almost no time thinking about computing resources and most of their time thinking about their results, models, and theories.
Oracle Academy Joins Forces with Bloodhound Education 
Oracle Academy and the Bloodhound Education Programme will team up to make available two projects designed to help students build engineering knowledge, data analysis, and Java programming skills.

Industry Solutions

Oracle has deep experience delivering innovative industry solutions in the cloud and is ideally positioned to empower colleges and universities to create the next-generation digital campus experience that connects people, processes, things, and services.
Oracle's Institutional Excellence Industry Solution helps higher education institutions modernize their systems, cut costs, and improve financial and programmatic insights.
Oracle Student Cloud enables institutions to reimagine the student journey to meet their modern expectations across the entire student lifecycle. Using the right tools, institutions will be able to anticipate the needs of their students and illuminate the right path to empower them to succeed.
Oracle's Researcher/Faculty IT Cloud solution offers researchers and academic departments a one-stop portal with infrastructure and platform cloud services that enable data collection, management, collaboration, and analysis at scale.
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Call us now
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