Bot-initiated Interactions

Proactive Engagement
A digital assistant is proactive, anticipating and initiating interactions with users based on established processes and updated information
Live Agent Handoff
Enhance user interactions with live agent handoff capabilities, which handle situations the assistant has not yet been trained for

Multi-Purpose Skills

Automate Multiple Apps
Digital assistants can combine skills that vary, depending on the context of the interaction and the connected backend system
Instant Apps
Build an assistant that can capture structured data, leveraging existing app functionality, while staying within the flow of the conversation

No-Code Development

Visual Development
Let business subject matter experts leverage their knowledge by building digital assistant through visual and declarative tools — no programming required
QnA Builder
Quickly enhance an assistant's skills by importing already-established FAQs to automate common inquiries

Digital Assistant Insights

Built-in analytics and dashboards offer insights into conversational bottlenecks and utilization metrics, to improve accuracy of the digital assistant and craft a better user experience
Self Learning
Supervised self-learning using analytics to augment and enhance digital assistant capabilities, while maintaining integrity of data
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