Additional Resources for Oracle Mobile and Digital Assistant

Oracle Digital Assistant Learning Path
This self-paced class is based on the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) run twice previously. It takes you through the core features of building bots with Oracle Digital Assistant and includes videos, quizzes and hands on labs.
Oracle Digital Assistant YouTube
This playlist is dedicated to covering all the major features of Oracle Digital Assistant. You can watch in sequence for an end-to-end insight into Oracle Digital Assistant, or dip into any video to learn about that feature.
Oracle Mobile YouTube
Over 100 videos covering Oracle's Mobile and Digital Assistant offerings including Mobile Cloud Service, Digital Assistant and Mobile Application Framework.
Oracle TechExchange
Deep-dive real world tips, techniques and samples on building bots.
Oracle Mobile Cloud Forum
Our online community where you can ask questions and contact the Oracle team.
Got mobile and chatbot skills but want a formal recognition for your skills? Take the official 2018 Oracle Cloud Mobile Platform Mobile Developer exam.
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