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Frequently Asked Technical Questions: Autonomous Data Warehouse

This document includes a list of frequently asked questions and answers to topics around the Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW).

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Infographic

Only Oracle offers the next generation autonomous data warehouse. Based on advanced machine learning, the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is completely automated, eliminating human error and delivering unprecedented performance and reliability in the cloud. In this infographic find out how the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse delivers industry-leading data warehouse technology with unmatched flexibility, enterprise scale and simplicity.

Oracle Data Warehouse Solutions: Delivering Business Value From The Datacenter To The Cloud Podcast

Come listen to Oracle’s Brad Tewksbury, Senior Director Business Development, as he discusses his engagements with customers and the challenges they have had with on-premises data warehouse solutions and how Oracle has helped provided solutions to enhance their on-premises deployments, or assist them in their migration to a cloud data warehouse solution.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse: Interview With George Lumpkin, VP Of Product Management, Podcast

Listen to Oracle’s Vice President of Product Management , George Lumpkin, as he walks through customer challenges with traditional data warehouse deployments, while introducing Oracle’s newest cloud solution, Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse.

ADW Tools and Application Certification Matrix

This document (PDF) contains the Autonomous Data Warehouse certification matrix for Oracle and third-party tools and applications. Please note that for certification of third party tools and applications, owners of third party products make their own statements regarding product certification and support. Information in this matrix is intended for guidance only.

Personalized TCO Report for Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

Intelligent data management delivers more scalability, simplicity and security to enable companies make faster decisions and derive more value from their data. Calculate the value of automation in three quick steps and see how much you can save with the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. Get your personalized report.

White paper: Oracle Autonomous Database Strategy (PDF)

Oracle Autonomous Database combines the flexibility of cloud with the power of machine learning to deliver data management as a service. This document describes Oracle Autonomous Database strategy and roadmap. Some of the features and functionality discussed may not appear in the initial release of the services.

Oracle Versus Commercial Cloud Database Providers Competitive Solution Brief

Businesses around the world are embracing cloud solutions to acquire on-demand technology platforms and infrastructure, enabling a new wave of IT innovation. However, many companies replace their infrastructure for a commodity cloud vendor, and then realize that they need advanced platform capabilities that the vendor can’t offer. Oracle Cloud is an innovative platform that offers the most complete, secure, and highly scalable environment to simplify data management in the cloud.

Data Warehousing and Big Data in the Oracle Cloud

Oracle Technology Network landing page for technical information relating to Oracle’s data warehousing and big data technologies.

Business Overview of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

A business focused landing page for information relating to Oracle's data warehousing and big data technologies.

Larry Ellison Introduces 'A Big Deal': The Oracle Autonomous Database

Larry Ellison has seen the future of information technology—and it's autonomous, adaptive, self-managing systems that are more secure than ever. And that future is now, Oracle's executive chairman and CTO revealed during his opening keynote address at Oracle OpenWorld.

Autonomous Capabilities Will Make Data Warehouses -- And DBAs -- More Valuable

As the saying goes, you can't manage what you don't measure. In a data-driven organization, the best tools for measuring the performance are business intelligence (BI) and analytics engines, which require data. And that explains why data warehouses continue to play such a crucial role in business.
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