Data Management

Simple, fast, and flexible data management.

Oracle Cloud offers a comprehensive data management platform for traditional and modern applications, including the first Autonomous Database in the market. Oracle Cloud is specifically engineered and optimized for high-performance database workloads as well as hyper-scale big data and streaming workloads. We deliver unmatched scale for relational, graph, spatial, semi-structured, and unstructured non-relational data as well as streaming data for OLTP, warehousing, machine learning, text search, image analytics, and deep learning.

Data Management

Autonomous Transaction Processing

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Cloud Service is a fully automated database service tuned and optimized for transaction processing or mixed workloads with the market-leading performance of Oracle Database. The service delivers a self-driving, self-securing, self-repairing database service that can instantly scale to meet demands of mission critical applications.

Autonomous Data Warehouse

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Service is a fully automated, high-performance, and elastic service. You will have all of the performance of the market-leading Oracle Database in a fully automated environment that is tuned and optimized for data warehouse workloads.

Autonomous NoSQL Database

Oracle Autonomous NoSQL Database: Scale your data with the cloud.


Enterprise-proven database cloud service that supports any size workload from dev/test to large-scale production deployment.

Database Backup

Storage for all your Oracle Database backup needs.

Big Data

Delivering Hadoop, Spark, and data science with Oracle security and cloud simplicity.

Big Data Cloud

Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark delivered as a managed, elastic, integrated platform-for streaming, batch, and interactive analysis.

Event Hub

Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service delivers the power of Kafka as a managed streaming data platform integrated with the rest of Oracle's cloud.


MySQL in Oracle Cloud for your enterprise needs.

Data Hub

Oracle Data Hub Cloud Service now offers a highly scalable, wide-column, distributed key-value NoSQL database to power your cloud-native applications in Oracle's cloud platform.
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