E-LT Architecture

Industry Leading Performance
Less data movement and best performance with the most effective methods of moving and transforming data in bulk
Advanced Parallelism
With set based processing and more options for parallelizing operations, paramount performance is achieved

Heterogeneous Integration

Supports Oracle
Out-of-box integration with Oracle on-premises or in the Cloud. With Oracle PaaS such as Database Cloud Services or Big Data Cloud Service
Supports Oracle and More
Oracle support as well as heterogeneous support of databases, Hadoop, Applications, JDBC, files, XML, JSON, web services, etc.
Supports On-Premise and Cloud
Oracle and heterogeneous support is available on-premise or in the Cloud

Knowledge Modules Framework

Knowledge Modules provide best practices and can additionally be tailored for the highest performance possible, for a specific vertical, and/or enterprise know-how
Includes a comprehensive library of code templates, which are known as Knowledge Modules. These are fully reusable and foster strong habits for code maintenance

Declarative Design

Improved Developer Productivity For Faster Time to Solution
Easy and universal ETL design to quickly implement robust and flexible ETL Mappings which can be reused, re-factored and extended as needed while reducing the learning curve and implementation time
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