Retail Banking

Connected, impatient, and highly-informed consumers demand personalized banking solutions to secure their financial futures. In response, disruptive fintech innovators are disintermediating bank/consumer relationships by dispersing and commoditizing banking services. Retail banks are pressured to become more relevant to their customers by providing entirely digital, omnichannel experiences and bundled services with third-party fintech providers.
Oracle CX Cloud helps retail banking companies accelerate digital transformation to serve a new generation of customers and capitalize on the opportunities presented by fintech.
Digitize the customer experience with smart insights that predict needs, behaviors, and opportunities:
  • Augment in-house data with third-party data to generate rich customer profiles
  • Obtain deep insights into customer profiles (consumer, household, and business associations) and behaviors
  • Identify patterns and predict next best offers and actions
Engage customers at the right time and on the right channel to improve the banking experience:
  • Make intelligent, "in-the-moment-of-need" offers to customers
  • Enable transacting through any customer channel (social, intelligent chatbots, phone, branch office, partners) and device
  • Use artificial intelligence to guide customers and provide a high level of service through any channel
Open your banking ecosystem to enable new business models:
  • Share and capitalize on customer data, leveraging modern SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS cloud technologies
  • Expand distribution channels and increase new product introduction through partner collaboration
  • Lay a strong foundation for future innovation with open standards
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