Perhaps no other industry has been as impacted by—while also leading—digital transformation as telecommunications. Traditional communications service providers (CSPs) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) must deliver the experiences customers demand, but market disruption is constant: rapidly expanding smart device numbers, the internet of things (IoT), innovative over-the-top (OTT) service providers, and new internet and content offerings from digital giants.
But there are opportunities. Within 10 years, there could be a thousand times more connected devices, representing a wealth of data. Telcos have the opportunity to monetize the network and embrace profitable new business models.
Oracle CX Cloud helps telecommunications companies launch innovative new services quickly and redefine customer experience for the digital age.
Deliver frictionless experiences:
  • Engage customers with personalized, digital-first customer journeys
  • Expand omnichannel commerce experiences with new digital, conversational, and social channels
  • Build brand advocacy through empowered customers, social communities, and agents

Act on consumer insights to increase relevance across every interaction:
  • Personalize every step of each customer journey across the entire lifecycle
  • Analyze customer data and generate unique insights, predictions, and recommendations
  • Act, learn, and adapt in real time with adaptive intelligence based on the customer's digital profile, and historical and dynamic customer data
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Call us now
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