Cloud and Container Application Native

Docker Compatible
Convert easily between “Docker Run”, “Docker Compose” (YAML) and UI views of your services and stacks.
CI/CD Pipeline
Integrate with CI/CD workflows by connecting to your private and public registries, leverage Webhooks to automate dev/test toolchains.
Multi-Host Applications
Leverage the Container CS REST API, and Service Discovery for fine-grained control of distributed multi-host applications.
One Click Deploy
One-click deploy of example complete container application stacks to get you started - covering monitoring, logging, load balancing and many more.

Enterprise Operations Ready

Operational Dashboards
Get production-ready operational views and dashboards of container applications via modern Container as a Service (CaaS) platform.
Health Checks
Configure built-in Health Checks to ensure containerized service availability within your apps.
Service Scaling
Scale-out or scale-in services simply with a single click.
Control Placement Policies
Simply control and orchestrate container placement with integrated availability and scheduling policies.

Collaboration Built-In

Best Practices Included
Jumpstart development and test efforts with access to existing and future pre-configured application Stacks and Services.
Intuitive Interface
Elegant and intuitive interface and wizards help team members get going quickly.
Resource Pools
Partition resources between teams and across development, test and production with Resource Pools and Tags.
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Call us now
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