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Oracle's Digital Store is a modern, cloud-based solution that enables the integration of store infrastructure and consumer-engagement technologies. The solution will help you increase store traffic, improve engagement, drive conversion, and increase shopper basket size.
Real-Time Offer Personalization
Provide real-time personalization as customers are identified when they walk into the store, their shopping history is understood, and you are able to orchestrate a personalized dialog with them across their shopping journey, leveraging real-time data.
More Efficient Shopper Acquisition and Engagement
Deliver actionable data and content to a mobile associate dashboard via a tablet device to improve knowledge of products, services, and promotions, as well as consumer profiles and segmentation.
Real-Time Store Analytics
Enable monitoring of promoted item sales and identify corrective actions in real time. Also enable the optimization of the store expenses based on shopper traffic and enhance customer service using the data on shoppers' navigation, dwell times, and levels of engagement with associates.

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The Oracle Digital Store solution enables brick and mortar retailers to leverage unique advantages over their pure play rivals by bringing the power of digitization within the four walls of their stores to deliver seamless experiences to the shoppers and to improve store operations from a productivity, cost, and customer service standpoint. The solution will improve the experience for the empowered consumer and optimize performance of store managers and associates across the three key consumer interaction steps of Know, Engage, and Convert.

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