Customer Acquisition and Engagement

Oracle offers the only proven, complete, and integrated cloud solution to align marketing channels with the behaviors of individual consumers. Modularity makes it possible to employ only those capabilities that meet your current needs and environment.
Leveraging a 360-Degree View of Consumers
Blend structured data with unstructured sources and set the stage for applying big data analytics to unlock more relevant ways to segment customers, and personalize treatments and content.
Acquiring Customers
Begin the process of converting many anonymous customers to known, brand advocates. Achieve a higher return on digital advertising and promotion spend by acquiring permissions to engage with customers via digital media with greater precision by leveraging Oracle's Customer Acquisition and Engagement Solution.
Engaging Customers
Retain and grow the depth of customer digital relationships by engaging in more personalized, relevant, and timely interactions with customers aligned with their individual shopping journeys.

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WHITE PAPER: Reinventing the Customer Experience

Oracle and Euromonitor International have partnered to explore a new path to digital relevancy and, most critically, how industry might stay ahead of the curve through new theories on technological ideation and innovation.

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