Transform the Future of Consumer Goods and Retail

Transforming the future of consumer goods and retail demands a scalable cloud platform. See how Oracle can help you start your ideal journey to the cloud.

Industry Trends

New Consumption Patterns, New Business Models
Today's consumers are hyperconnected. To succeed in the new consumer landscape, suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers must be willing to recognize, embrace, and become catalysts for change.
Reinventing the Customer Experience
Oracle and Euromonitor International have partnered to explore a new path to digital relevancy and, most critically, how industry might stay ahead of the curve through new theories on technological ideation and innovation.
Digital Relevancy
Although prediction is a tough thing to nail, anticipating consumer trends and deploying innovations that enhance customer experience (CX) and simplify operations is vital to the long-term health and wellness of your business.
Industry Value Map
Today's consumer goods industry is operating in an era defined by global, digitally connected shoppers who are demanding personalization and innovation. View our adaptable cloud-based infographic for accelerated technology realization across the enterprise.
Value Chain Collaboration
With consumer packaged goods increasingly moving to digital shelves, the old ways of promoting brands are obsolete. Brand providers will need to rethink product value, meet consumers' digital and physical 'moments of need,' and enhance visibility in their demand-based fulfillment models.
Disrupt or be Disrupted
The future of supply chain will require radical business changes which will require radical technology, process, and organizational transformations. Businesses will need to operate at previously unattainable efficiencies, and be prepared for disruption.

Industry Solutions

Oracle offers the only proven, complete, and integrated cloud solution to align marketing channels with the behaviors of individual consumers. Modularity makes it possible to employ only those capabilities that meet your current needs and environment.
From streamlining transportation networks to fine-tuning warehouse operations, companies can rely on Oracle's Digital Logistics solution to manage their supply chains, accelerate fulfillment activities, and simplify a wide range of business processes.
Oracle's Digital Spaces Monetization combines Oracle's leadership in cloud marketing with mobility and Internet of Things (IoT), enabling marketers and global brands to monetize the presence or transit of millions of people in targeted spaces.
Oracle's Digital Store is a modern, cloud-based solution that enables the integration of store infrastructure and consumer-engagement technologies. The solution will help you increase store traffic, improve engagement, drive conversion, and increase shopper basket size.
Consumer demand volatility, human errors, and market competition are constantly putting pressure on your environment to improve efficiencies, quality, and safety. Oracle provides a modern platform to collaboratively manage and improve your warehouses' operations by connecting equipment, quality sensors, and workers to the warehouse process. Oracle's Smart Connected Warehouse helps to better predict maintenance and quality issues, reduce downtime, improve inventory, space optimization, and product traceability, and gives a 360-degree view of operations.
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