Disruptive Services

Oracle's Disruptive Services solution enables CSPs to attract customers and acquire market share with a simple, personalized customer experience. It empowers customer with full control over their usage experiences using digital channels and provides the agility to adapt to changing market conditions and customer demands. As a result CSPs are able to compete with innovatively simplified and disruptively priced services and a simple, digital experience.
Attract Customers
Offering innovatively simplified services, Oracle's Disruptive Services solution creates differentiated brands that can target specific market segments to address specific customer needs.
Serve and Retain Customers
Digitally service and retain customers with a convenient service experience that drives self-service adoption and empowers customers with control over their usage experience.
Innovate and Scale at Low Operational Cost
Drive the demand for innovation and agility by tailoring the experiences and minimizing the time and cost to launch new services and brands with a cloud native solution.

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DATA SHEET: Disruptive Services

The Oracle Cloud is the next-generation public cloud that provides the agility, reliability, scalability, and security that modern businesses need. Oracle's Disruptive Services solution is comprised of Oracle's market leading SaaS and PaaS. This cloud-based solution is complete, data-driven, and secure. Oracle's Disruptive Services is an innovative CX solution designed for the communications industry that enables CSPs to profitably grow the business with innovatively simplified services, ultimate digital customer experience and agile business operation on a scalable, cost effective platform using the Oracle Cloud.

IDC VENDOR SPOTLIGHT: Oracle CX Cloud for the Communications Industry

Oracle CX Cloud for Communications is a Connected CX Platform for CSPs. It is the latest addition to a broad family of products and services optimized for communications industry use. This paper provides IDC's assessment of current and future strategic business challenges for CSPs and evaluates how the Oracle CX Cloud for Communications can support them.

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