Digital Convergence

Oracle's Digital Convergence solution enables Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to personalize the engagement with customers and empowers them to make their services more valuable for customers, leading to an increased share of wallet from innovative converged and digital services. Oracle's Digital Convergence solution is a Digital CX cloud solution from a single vendor that increases agility and helps to cut costs using a proven cloud platform.
Engage Customers Throughout Their Lifecycle
Delivering innovative CX for the communications industry in the cloud, Digital Convergence enables CSPs to engage customers with a differentiated brand experience in order to acquire and retain them across digital and social channels in an ongoing dialog.
Empower Customers and Drive Net Promoter Score While Reducing Cost-to-Serve
Providing a nurtured service experience is a key differentiator as service interactions have the highest impact on customer satisfaction across all lifecycle phases. Delight your customers with actionable insight and proactive customer service. With Oracle's Digital Convergence solution, you can put customers in control of their usage experience so they can maximize their services' value.
Expand and Innovate with Digital Convergent Services
Increase your customer's share of wallet by launching new digital services and by creating bundled offerings from communications, over-the-top digital, IoT and information-based services. The solution manages household, family, group, or device relations for additional monetization. Cloud delivery enables continuous innovation and a short time to market.

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DATA SHEET: Digital Convergence

The Oracle Cloud is the next-generation public cloud that provides the agility, reliability, scalability, and security that modern businesses need. Oracle's Digital Convergence solution is comprised of Oracle's market leading SaaS and PaaS. This cloud-based solution is complete, data-driven, and secure. Oracle's Digital Convergence is an innovative CX solution designed for the communications industry that enables CSPs to engage, empower, and expand by providing an ultimate customer experience, increasing agility, and cutting costs using the Oracle Cloud.

IDC VENDOR SPOTLIGHT: Oracle CX Cloud for the Communications Industry

Oracle CX Cloud for Communications is a Connected CX Platform for CSPs. It is the latest addition to a broad family of products and services optimized for communications industry use. This paper provides IDC's assessment of current and future strategic business challenges for CSPs and evaluates how the Oracle CX Cloud for Communications can support them.

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