Data Driven Innovations

Oracle's Data Driven Innovations empowers communications service providers (CSPs) to monetize, synergize, personalize, and optimize with the wealth of their data. CSPs have an extremely valuable and mostly untapped resource: lakes of customer, device, and network data. With Data Driven Innovations, CSPs have one unified platform to aggregate, analyze, and activate data so they can create new revenue streams, differentiate services, gain efficiency, and power their digital transformation.
Transform your data wealth into revenues with 100% margin the easy, safe, and flexible way.
Create your ecosystem of value: expand revenues by using your data to identify opportunities for partners to better serve your customers.
Differentiate services and reduce churn with personalized experiences driven by customers' behavior, usage, and sentiments.
Cut costs and improve services with customer, device, and network insights for optimal network usage and operations.

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DATA SHEET: Data Driven Innovations as a Platform

The Oracle Cloud is the next-generation public cloud that provides the agility, reliability, scalability, and security that modern businesses need. Oracle Data Driven Innovations is the cloud-agile, modular, and complete solution founded on Oracle PaaS, DaaS, and SaaS products with an open architecture that will enable CSPs to monetize and fully exploit their wealth of customer, device, and network data.

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