Transforming the Future of the Communications Industry

Transforming the future of the communications industry demands a scalable cloud platform. See how Oracle can help you start your ideal journey to the cloud.

Industry Trends

Differentiate to Survive
To survive, excel—and thrive—in a shifting and challenging landscape, it’s essential for telcos to have a transformation strategy. Technology capabilities are going to be the driving force behind this.
Succeed on Social
Vodafone discusses the importance of social insights to support sales teams, profile customers, and create relevant and personalized content.
Capture Market Opportunities
Cablevision, the biggest cable provider in Argentina, decided to move to Oracle Sales Cloud and transform their technology in order to better meet the needs of their three million customers.
Reinvent Processes
Read IDC's take on current and future strategic business challenges for CSPs and how the Oracle CX Cloud for Communications can support them.
Transform Technology
Orange chose Oracle ERP Cloud for innovation, ease of adoption, and to help manage the complexity of 249,000,000 customers in 29 countries.
Accelerate Innovation
To take advantage of best practices, Transit Wireless leaves behind a traditional on-premises system and moves to a unified ERP and HCM cloud platform with Oracle Cloud.

Industry Solutions

Oracle's Beyond Connectivity solution enables CSPs to profitably grow the enterprise business by expanding revenues with innovative digital services and data monetization. This solution engages enterprise customers with offers tailored to their needs and behavior, it increases sales effectiveness with modern and personalized purchasing experiences, and it drives operational efficiency, increases agility, and fosters innovations with a cloud-native lead-to-cash-to-serve solution.
Oracle's Data Driven Innovations empowers communications service providers (CSPs) to monetize, synergize, personalize, and optimize with the wealth of their data. CSPs have an extremely valuable and mostly untapped resource: lakes of customer, device, and network data. With Data Driven Innovations, CSPs have one unified platform to aggregate, analyze, and activate data so they can create new revenue streams, differentiate services, gain efficiency, and power their digital transformation.
Monetization Cloud accelerates time to market for launching innovative digital and subscription-based services. Monetizing these services requires rapid creation of flexible new offers with consumption-based charging, rating on any metric, and managing balances in real time.
Oracle's Digital Convergence solution enables Communications Service Provider (CSPs) to personalize the engagement with customers and empowers them to make their services more valuable for customers, leading to an increased share of wallet from innovative converged and digital services.
Oracle's Disruptive Services solution enables CSPs to attract customers and acquire market share with a simple, personalized customer experience. It empowers customer with full control over their usage experiences using digital channels and provides the agility to adapt to changing market conditions and customer demands. As a result, CSPs are able to compete with innovatively simplified and disruptively priced services and a simple, digital experience.
Monetizing Location Services (MLS) enables communications service providers (CSPs) to monetize customer presence in targeted spaces—such as shopping malls, cities, events, and airports—using their customers' mobile devices. MLS creates intelligent, real-time offers in local contexts and promotes ongoing contextual customer engagement. MLS enables service innovation with advanced location services from the CSP and its partners, resulting in an increased customer lifetime value and loyalty.
Oracle's Supply Chain Optimization solution for the telco industry enables CSPs to reduce operating costs by moving to the cloud and reducing the number of supply chain systems by modernizing and transforming their supply chain processes. This is underpinning the business transformation that is required to meet the tsunami of changes facing the communications industry.
Live Experience Cloud is a mobile-first customer experience platform that helps you deliver transformative customer engagements. In-app, real-time interaction channels help you engage customers at key moments of their individual journey and deliver proactive, seamless, and meaningful experiences. Companies can increase loyalty, retention, and customer satisfaction.
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