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Oracle Commerce Cloud Overview

Move at the speed of business with 24/7 agility. Customize your experience with intuitive tools in an open platform. Deliver amazing omnichannel experiences with everything you need in one place. Innovate with rapid upgrades, and scale with peace of mind.

Go Direct-to-Consumer and Prepare your Business for Success

Whether your brand is creating a direct-to-consumer (D2C) channel for the first time or investing deeper in an existing program, it's imperative to first understand what consumers want from a direct relationship and build around these key concepts. This article shares the how, where, and why brands can maximize their direct-to-consumer programs.

How Brands Can Invest in Direct-to-Consumer and Channel Relationships with Ecommerce

Consumers, manufacturers, and channel partners all stand to gain from easier ways to buy from brands.

Investing in Direct-to-Consumer and Wholesale Ecommerce

A single platform can supercharge growth and loyalty across business models. Today's consumers leverage the ease and accessibility of the internet to their full advantage, but few brands are doing the same. Whether your brand is planning a consumer-facing site or already has a growing direct business, now is the time to increase your efforts.

Seize Micromoments with Unified Commerce and Service

Shoppers have endless options—and less time than ever. Digital brings new possibilities to acquire and engage customers, but finding ways to build profitable growth and lasting loyalty is the new battle ground for retail.

The Eight Reasons to Choose Oracle Commerce Cloud Over Salesforce Commerce Cloud

With changing customer trends, channels, and technologies creating a new era of commerce, you can't afford to use old tools.

Transforming Commerce: How to Navigate Vendor Selection for Ultimate Success

Embarking on a commerce replatforming project can be overwhelming. The key is to understand how vendors will deliver the core of your needs and provide a platform for your future innovation and growth. In this guide, you'll find the tips to navigate through a replatform project, helping you to ask the right questions, avoid over-analyzing RFP responses, and make the best selection for your organization.

Unload Technical Debt and Transform Commerce

Ecommerce is a phenomenon that companies had to figure out along the way. Technology matured, as did stacks, but that didn't stop companies from acquiring and cobbling together more solutions to compete in a changing market. Brands have been left with untenable IT environments after spending millions of dollars and years on customization. They're left shouldering a kludge that is in no way upgradable. These decisions compounded to create business debt and it's time for a change.

Oracle Commerce Cloud Experience and Design

Finally, no more cookie-­cutter websites. Take complete control over your brand experience, on your terms. Create without limits: no fixed templates, zero vendor rules.

Oracle Commerce Cloud Merchandising and Promotions

Streamline management of your catalog, pricing, content, merchandising, promotions, search, inventory, product recommendations, A/B testing, and more. Quickly layout experiences with intuitive, visual drag-and-drop tools.

Oracle Commerce Cloud Scale, Security, and Performance

Trust the reliable, secure, compliant Oracle Cloud. Keep innovating with frequent, automatic upgrades. Use a modern architecture to customize and extend. Simplify your IT footprint with Data, Infrastructure, and Platform Services in the Oracle Cloud.
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