For Brands and Retailers

Delivering modern shopping experiences with yesterday's technology has become too challenging. Oracle puts control in the hands of brands and retailers to simplify their technology footprint, innovate quickly, and deliver AI-driven experiences that drive engagement and loyalty wherever shoppers are.

Drag-and-Drop Experience Management

Total Business User Control
With a drag-and-drop interface, business users can build, optimize, preview, and push updates live quickly—no code and no IT required.
Everything You Need in One Place
Manage and preview your site catalog, promotions, merchandising, search, personalization, content, rich media, AB testing, recommendations, and AI in one view, with one tool.
Extras Included
Reduce the number of vendor fees and integrations required to run your site with extras such as Akamai CDN, image serving, AB testing, recommendations, automatic push upgrades, and all hosting fees included in a single, predictable subscription cost.
Fully Responsive and Adaptive
Experiences are automatically optimized for mobile and tablet viewing with additional control over mobile experiences if desired.

API and Services-Based for Flexibility

Choose From Modular Implementation Models
Deploy Commerce Cloud as a fully integrated solution, or to support a headless architecture or a hybrid headless-integrated UI model to take advantage of front-end tooling and microservices.
Integrate Seamlessly
Commerce Cloud was built from the ground up with an API-first architecture and a complete REST web services framework for agile development and accelerated integrations.
Customize with Server-Side Extensions
Merchants have control to extend the functionality of the site and easily add technologies to differentiate the experience without impacting upgradability.
Scale with Standards-Based Languages
Commerce Cloud leverages standards-based languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and NodeJS, making finding developers easy and more affordable than needing platform-specific skills.

B2C and B2B in a Single Platform

Unified Platform for B2C and B2B Sites
Teams can manage direct-to-consumer and wholesale buying experiences with a single platform, with the flexibility to share assets and customize for the unique needs of each program with the same business user tool.
Support B2B Wholesale in the Same Platform
In addition to consumer shopping features, merchants also get out-of-the-box features supporting modern wholesale buying experiences such as custom catalogs and pricing, approval hierarchies, payment terms and types, punch-out, and more.
Run More Efficiently
With a single platform and single business user UI, merchants can reuse integrations, product content, leverage existing skillsets, and gain new visibility to improve their products and customer experiences.
Single Platform, Single Price
Commerce Cloud was purpose-built to support B2C and B2B with a single UI and a single, predictable price to run direct-to-consumer and wholesale programs.

AI at the Core

Connect Deeper with Shoppers
Use the power of Oracle AI to deliver contextually relevant search results, product recommendations, and pricing and promotions to inspire transactions.
Oversee AI with Advisory Controls
Oracle AI is not a black box; it has advisory controls that allow users to supervise algorithms for greater insight and desired outcomes.
Engage Anonymous and Known Shoppers
Automatically adapt and serve shopper experiences in real time and click-by-click based on behavior, weather, geolocation, life events, social activity, in store activity, and much more.
Better Data for Better Results
Oracle Data Cloud is the world's largest third-party data marketplace with more than 7.5 trillion data points collected monthly on anonymized consumer inputs.

Targeting and Optimization

Integrated AB Testing
Commerce Cloud business users can run tests on cosmetic and functional elements for unprecedented insight, control, and site optimization.
Personalization at Scale
Build audiences from demographic, clickstream, and lifetime shopping data, present unique experiences to each, and continually optimize with AB tests and reports by audience.
Robust Reporting
Gain a deeper understanding of what's performing in terms of personalization, AB testing, AI, search, promotions, and core commerce KPIs with integrated reporting.
Connect Deeper with AI
Use the power of Oracle AI to deliver contextually relevant search results, product recommendations, and pricing and promotions to inspire transactions.

Rapid Expansion

Multisite with a Single Subscription
Quickly add country, brand, and microsites on the same scalable infrastructure with the flexibility to make each site consistent or completely unique. With a single admin tool, central or distributed teams can deliver sites that engage their target audience without starting from scratch.
Full International Support
Commerce Cloud is supported in 36 languages, 60 currencies, and it supports numerous regional payment types and models for rapid international expansion.
GDPR Ready
Commerce Cloud fully supports operating within GDPR compliance standards.

Connected Shopper Journeys

Omnichannel Ready
Commerce Cloud supports omnichannel journeys with robust inventory management, ability to buy online and pickup in store, and connections to leading in-store systems.
In-Store Digital
The Assisted Selling Application for iPad empowers store associates to deliver superior service with a 360-degree view of shopper behavior, endless aisle order placement on behalf of shoppers, and direct checkout so customers can bypass store lines.
Call Center
The Agent Console allows call center agents to access a 360-degree view of customer account history to help accelerate issue resolution, assist when placing orders, issue appeasements, and offer personalized suggestions.
Part of a Complete CX Journey
Outside the commerce journey, Oracle has the only complete CX portfolio on the market to "grow as you go" and connect to leading Oracle Marketing, Loyalty, Service, and back-office cloud applications.

Modern Cloud Development

Connect Faster with OIC
Autonomous Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) is a cloud-based integration platform for faster data mapping and passing between various Oracle, third-party, on-premises, and cloud applications. Commerce Cloud features prebuilt OIC adapters to various CX and back-office apps to make integrations fast and seamless.
Innovate Faster with PaaS
Oracle PaaS allows merchants to develop, test, and deploy next-generation applications in the cloud in a secure, cost-effective manner that speeds time to market and increases competitive advantage.
Move Faster with IaaS
Oracle IaaS offers a set of core capabilities such as elastic compute, storage, networking, bare metal, migration tools, and container to help you quickly increase business value and performance.
Be an IT Hero with Oracle Developer Cloud
Oracle Developer Cloud allows IT professionals and business leaders to quickly develop, test, and deploy extensions and custom applications in any language in a secure, cost-effective manner. Development can be done in popular IDEs using Oracle Cloud environments provisioned on demand.
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