Identity and Access Management

The Oracle Identity and Access Management (IAM) service lets you control who has access to cloud resources, what type of access they have, and to which specific resources. You can manage complex organizations and rules with logical groups of users and resources, and easy-to-define policies. With IAM, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure users can leverage a single model for authentication and authorization at no additional cost.

Key Features

Manage Users and Access
Use Oracle IAM to create Oracle Cloud Infrastructure users, control which services they can access, and define which operations they can perform.
Secure by Design
By default, users have no access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources until privileges are assigned. Additionally, you can ensure secure access with native multi-factor authentication.
Define Groups and Permissions
Assign users to groups based on role, and assign privileges through the use of simple, SQL-like policies.
Maintain Visibility and Control
Empower teams to manage their own infrastructure services, while maintaining overall visibility and control.
Integrated Across Services
Easily establish governance across all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services to support a variety of IT operational workflows.

Supports Existing Enterprise Systems and Processes

Match your Organizational Hierarchies
Leverage compartments to organize resources according to your departmental hierarchies.
Leverage Existing Identity Systems
Oracle IAM integrates with your corporate directory and allows users to grant access to employees using the existing identity provider. Oracle IAM supports federation through Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS), Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS), Okta, and any other SAML 2.0 compliant provider.
Allow Applications to Call Cloud Services
Oracle IAM lets users authorize applications that are running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure instances to make API calls on IT services. For example, you can allow an application to read data from object storage without needing to configure user credentials.
Flexible Management
Manage identities and access using the web-based console, APIs, SDKs, and CLI.
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