Build Trusted Business Networks

Simple Provisioning
Provision a blockchain platform instance and get all required infrastructure services as embedded resources: compute, containers, local storage, identity management, object store, network, etc.
Complete Blockchain Platform
Start with a complete, production-ready blockchain platform based on Hyperledger Fabric, including membership services, peer nodes, ordering service, with Oracle-added REST proxy and operations console tools.
Add Partner Organizations
Add partners locally or in different geographies easily. Provision a new service instance in any supported Oracle Cloud Infrastructure region and complete the guided process to join the new organization.
Hybrid Networks
Join partners running Hyperledger Fabric outside of Oracle Cloud by importing the organization's certificate into an Oracle blockchain platform instance.

Automate with Smart Contracts

Business logic for blockchain
Create smart contracts (a.k.a. chaincodes) for real-time B2B transactions or to check conditions like matching POs, invoices, and shipping information prior to triggering payment and updating the ledger. Expose through REST proxy gateway or invoke via client SDK.
Event Notifications
Automate manual tasks and synchronization with systems of record by publishing custom events from smart contracts that trigger notifications for client SDKs and enable actions based on event payload.
Quickly build and deploy chaincode
In the chaincode define data schema, initialize data values, and create methods to contain the business logic invoked by external transactions to update or query data.
Endorsement Policies
Define an endorsement policy specifying the number of required signatures and specific organizations' whose endorsements are required.

Conduct Private Transactions

Confidentiality domains
"Subnet" blockchain members on separate channels, thereby isolating access to ledgers and transactions to organizations who've been authorized to join specific channels.
Easily Control Member Access Privileges
Add read-only peers to a channel to provide visibility to the ledger without ability to run smart contracts. Enforce access control in chaincode logic.
Run chaincode across multiple channels
Initialize the chaincode on specific channels to deploy, compile and bind it. Run same chaincode in multiple channels on their specific ledgers.
Dynamically Create Channels
Create channels programmatically through client SDK calls enabling applications to create new channels on demand and request peers to join.

Integrate Blockchain Transactions in Applications

REST API-driven development
Simplify integrations by invoking transactions running chaincode methods through REST proxies. Use REST APIs to run transactions and queries synchronously and receive a response when transaction commits.
SDK-based Development
Enroll members, add peers, create channels, deploy smart contracts, register for events, and run transactions or query ledger data using Java, GO, or Node.js.
Plug-n-play Integration
Extend Oracle and third-party SaaS and on-prem applications to use Oracle Blockchain Platform through enterprise application & technology adapters and workflow tools in Oracle Integration Cloud.
Build New Apps
Build new applications or SaaS extensions to running transactions on the blockchain using Oracle Java, Application Container, Mobile, Application Builder, Integration or SOA Cloud Services.
Leverage OOTB support for Blockchain API
Leverage Blockchain out-of-the-box through the REST APIs in Oracle Digital Innovation Platform for open banking and Netsuite SuiteCloud Platform.

Comprehensive Administration and Monitoring

Intuitive Admin Console
View network status from dashboard or navigate to Network, Nodes, Channels, and Chaincodes tabs to view blockchain components and manage the network.
Dynamically Change the Configuration
Manage the blockchain network, peers, orderers and membership service dynamically. Configure network channels and set policies. Deploy or upgrade smart contracts.
Easy Monitoring & Troubleshooting
Monitor peer, orderer, and other network components status and view network topology. View channel and peer metrics, node utilization, browse ledgers and logs for troubleshooting.
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