Securely, reliably extend business processes and accelerate B2B transactions

A comprehensive distributed ledger cloud platform to provision blockchain networks, join other organizations, and deploy & run smart contracts to update and query the ledger. Reliably share data and conduct trusted transactions with suppliers, banks, and other trade partners through integration with existing or new cloud-based or on-premises applications.

Pre-assembled, Managed PaaS

Auto-provisioned Hyperledger Fabric components, REST proxy and administration and operations console. Built-in identity management, object store and other infrastructure for rapid provisioning and simplified administration of blockchain networks, reducing cost & setup time from weeks to minutes


Built on Hyperledger Fabric, an open-source project governed by Linux foundation, interoperable with non-Oracle versions of Fabric using compatible releases, accessible from cloud and on-prem applications via REST APIs and Hyperledger SDKs

Plug and Play Integrations

6-10x faster integration with diverse systems of record in Oracle SaaS, PaaS, custom and 3rd party apps in cloud & on premises, improving time to market by months


Industry's 1st & only autonomous blockchain cloud platform to simplify operations and enable customers to focus on applications with Oracle-managed service monitoring, automated recovery, and zero-downtime patching


The only enterprise-grade managed blockchain service with 99.95% SLA with enhanced security, built-in High Availability and embedded ledger backups for continuous operations

Expertise and Experience

Oracle is working with customers in many industries to implement blockchain solutions leveraging our decades of industry experience & partner ecosystem trained on Oracle blockchain

News and More

Launch: Introducing Oracle Autonomous Blockchain Cloud Service
Blockchain is an innovative technology that can drive innovation, accelerate business, and reduce risk and costs associated with common business processes. Watch the July 16th launch and see how easy it can be to gain advantage from the industry's first and only autonomous blockchain cloud platform.
Oracle's PaaS delivery of blockchain is a smart move
This Ovum report looks at Oracle's platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering of blockchain, which will enable companies in multiple verticals to develop applications and deploy them on the platform to take advantage of the benefits of the distributed ledger technology. Ovum considers the option for PaaS a canny move on Oracle's part. Download this report for Ovum's take on why Blockchain PaaS makes great sense.
IDC: The Emergence of Blockchain
Securely extend your business applications and processes while accelerating transactions across your entire ecosystem with the power of blockchain.
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