Integrated Metadata

Specialized External Tables
Big Data SQL gives users a single location to catalog and secure data in Hadoop and NoSQL systems: Oracle Database.
Seamless Integration
Seamless metadata integration and queries which join data from Oracle Database with data from Hadoop and NoSQL databases.
Automatic Mappings and Access
Utilities and conversion routines support automatic mappings from metadata stored in HCatalog (or the Hive Metastore) to Oracle Tables. Enhanced access parameters give administrators the flexibility to control column mapping and data access behavior.
Multi-Cluster Support
Multiple cluster support enables one Oracle Database to query multiple Hadoop clusters and/or NoSQL systems within a single query.

Optimized Performance

Smart Scan
  • Locally filtered data
  • Join optimization via Bloom filters
  • Scoring for data mining models and enhanced processing for JSON or XML
Optimizations for External Storage Formats
  • Prune partitions from tables managed by Apache Hive
  • Minimize I/O on files stored in Apache Parquet and Apache ORC formats
  • Enable remote reads on data stored in Oracle NoSQL Database or Apache HBase
Storage Indexes
Storage Index technology ensures that data blocks that are not relevant to the query are not read.

Secure across All Data

Standard Oracle Database roles and privileges to govern access to data across platforms, simplifying security set up through a unified system.
Data Redaction
Ensures that sensitive information is obscured when accessed by unauthorized users.
Advanced Security Functions
Virtual Private Database functionality to better enforce governance policies.

Life Cycle Management

Copy to Hadoop
Oracle Big Data SQL includes the Oracle Copy to Hadoop utility enabling data copy in:
  • Parquet or ORC file formats
  • Oracle Data Pump Formats
Smart Scan on TableSpaces in HDFS
Enables immutable archive data within a table to reside in HDFS. Database queries access this data exploiting the optimized access and storage structures (like indexes) for fast query performance.
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