Big Data Made Simple

Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark delivered as an elastic, integrated platform – for streaming, batch and interactive analysis.


Focus on the data and insights - not on the plumbing


Access, network and data security features to provide a secure, enterprise-ready Big Data service


Out-of-the-box integrations with Oracle's Data Management and Analytics offerings


Engineered for predictable performance from the Infrastructure layer up

Big Data Cloud Offerings

Oracle Cloud provides several big data services and deployment models. The big data service choices enable you to start at the cost and capability level suitable to your use case and give you the flexibility to adapt your choices as your requirements change over time. Oracle Big Data Cloud is built as a big data cloud platform for enterprises to run big data workloads, like batch processing, streaming and/or machine learning. Oracle uniquely offers these services in Public Cloud and as Cloud At Customer.

Big Data Cloud

Oracle Big Data Cloud is a platform cloud service specifically designed for enterprise grade Big Data workloads. The service is optimized to run a diverse set of big data workloads.
Oracle Big Data Cloud is offered as a managed, secure, performant, elastic and integrated platform cloud service on Oracle public cloud. With automated lifecycle management and security, Big Data Cloud is designed to optimally and securely run a wide variety of big data workloads and technologies while simplifying operations.

Cloud At Customer

Oracle Cloud Machine delivers the complete value of Big Data Cloud (and/or other cloud services) to customers who require their Big Data platform (and/or other cloud services) to be located on-premises.
Oracle Cloud Machine delivers Big Data Cloud Service-Compute Edition and other Cloud services in your data center, fully managed by Oracle, so that you can take advantage of the agility, innovation and subscription-based pricing of Oracle Cloud while meeting data-residency requirements.
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