Bare Metal Cloud Block Volume and Object Storage Services

Key Features

High Performance
256GB flash-backed volumes offer consistent high-performance and expand capacity as your data grows.
Integrated Data Protection
Block volumes can be backed up seamlessly to Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Object Storage, enabling frequent recovery points.
Easily Scale Up or Down
Dynamically detach and reattach block storage volumes to any Bare Metal (BM) or Virtual Machine (VM) instance in your Virtual Cloud Network.

Built-in Security and Protection

Encrypted and Isolated
All block volumes are encrypted at rest, with backups isolated by tenancy and encrypted for maximum security.
Industry-standard connectivity
Block Volume leverages industry-standard iSCSI protocol. All supported OSes include standard iSCSI initiator packages and use standard iSCSI administrative practices.

Robust Data Protection

Highly Reliable
Block volumes have built-in local durability features and run on redundant hardware.
Integrated Backup to Object Storage
Backup your block volumes to highly durable Object Storage Service with just a few clicks, and without impact on running applications.
Volume Restores
Attach restored block volume backups to new or existing compute instances. Scale out many copies of your data for demanding applications by restoring a backup to multiple block volumes.
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Call us now
1-800-633-0738 (United States)

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