Flexibility to scale your most demanding workloads.

Operate your mission-critical applications on Oracle’s highly available and reliable infrastructure with performance only possible on dedicated Bare Metal servers.

Uncompromised Performance.

Drive millions of IOPS on bare metal servers with many cores, large RAM and NVMe SSDs on a low latency and high-bandwidth network.

Enterprise Administration.

Self-serve. Provision and manage compute resources, for both developers and administrators.

Private and Secure.

Hardening of firmware, software, and network layers ensures your resources are always secure. Bare Metal Compute Service instances are dedicated and under total customer control.


Choose bare metal compute or virtual machines - integrated into a totally customer-controlled environment.

Bare Metal Cloud Compute Service

Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services provide two compute offerings for flexibility to run your most demanding workloads, as well as less compute-intensive applications, in a secure and highly available cloud environment.

Bare Metal Instances

Industry-first fully dedicated bare metal servers on a software-defined network, combining the power of bare metal servers with a secure, isolated virtualized cloud network. Bare Metal Compute Service provides unrivaled raw performance, including servers with latest generation NVMe SSDs offering multi-million IOPS, ideal to run I/O intensive web applications or big data workloads.
Bare metal servers offer complete choice and flexibility regarding hypervisors and operating systems, delivering consistent and high peak performance, ideal for both legacy and modern workloads. Bare metal instances ensure strong isolation with dedicated physical server access, providing visibility and control of customer applications that demand stringent compliance and regulatory requirements.

Virtual Machines Instances (Coming Soon)

Managed Virtual Machine (VM) instances are available in the Bare Metal Cloud for workloads not requiring dedicated physical servers or high-performance of bare metal instances. VM instances provide cost-savings and are offered in different shapes, catering to a variety of workloads.
VM instances are strongly isolated through the hypervisor and run on the same servers in the same virtual cloud network as bare metal instances. Run multiple different workloads leveraging the same cloud-optimized hardware, firmware, software stack and networking infrastructure to deliver unrivaled performance.
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