More Innovation with Less Risk

Instant Provisioning
Developers become more agile by instantly creating and effortlessly using databases that require no manual tuning
Workload Optimization* (coming soon)
Database tunes itself (indexes, memory, partitions, SQL plans, parallelism, optimizer stats) for the incoming workload as data changes over time
Limitless Performance
Built upon a world class dynamic Exadata Infrastructure, you will never again think about IOPS
Limitless Scalability
Built upon Oracle Real Application Clusters, you can scale beyond the limits of a physical server while protecting against server level failures
Always Online Operations
Built upon Oracle's Maximum Availability Architecture: online patching, high availability, scaling, schema updates, everything is online
Supports relational workloads as well as JSON Documents, Graphs, and more!

Secure Data and Operations

Latest Security Updates
Online, automated update of software security fixes to limit exposure to known issues and security vulnerabilities
Data Privacy
Built upon Oracle Database Vault, unique to Oracle Cloud, operations personnel have privilege to do all administrative tasks without any ability to ever see any customer data
Protection from Malicious Actors
Machine learning driven external attack detection and prevention with quarantine of malicious activity
Protection from Human Error
Built upon Oracle Flashback, instantly rewind accidental changes to application schemas during critical updates
Always Encrypted
Transparently encrypt all data in cloud, including hybrid operations with databases on-premises where data is not encrypted

Lower Costs

True Pay-Per-Use
Leverages dynamic Exadata Infrastructure with RAC for online scaling up and down, even beyond the size of a physical server, lowering costs because you don’t provision for peak workload
No Manual Maintenance
Eliminating database maintenance reduces administration costs and allows expert DBAs to focus on getting more value from data
Continuous Workload Optimization
Requires less people to tune database as data changes over time, reducing administrative costs
100% Compatible
Leverage existing licenses, tools, skill sets to easily transform on-premises operations to cloud based services
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Call us now
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