Collaborative Workspace

Project-based UI simplifies data science operations and enables teams to work together in the cloud.
Version Control
Native support for popular version control providers ensures all work is synced across the platform.
Access Controls
Integration with Oracle Identity Cloud Service ensures managers and/or admins can control who has access to projects and data.

Model Lifecycle Management

Model Development
Build and train models within notebook environment leveraging high-performance Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
One-Click Model Deployment
Easily deploy models as scalable REST APIs.
Model Monitoring
Evaluate metrics on model performance.

Open Source Support

Built-in cloud hosted Jupyter notebooks enables teams to build and train models using Python.
Visualization Tools
Leverage popular open source visualization tools like Plotly, Matplotlib, and Bokeh to visualize and explore data.
Open Source Machine Learning Frameworks
Launch environments with popular machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow and scikit-learn, or easily install any other open source package.

Access to Data & Compute

Data Access
Leverage data stored in Oracle Object Storage Cloud.
Self-Service Scalable Compute
Spin up containers on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to tackle analyses of any size, leveraging Kubernetes.
Secure Credential Management
Use secure credentials to safely access data in Oracle Object Storage Cloud.
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Call us now
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