Adaptive Intelligent Apps

Ready-To-Go Apps

Purpose-Built with Domain Expertise
Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps provide prebuilt, purpose-built, ready-to-go business applications leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. They proactively provide contextual, in-the-moment recommendations, actions, and derived outcomes to achieve optimal business results. Oracle AI Apps require no data science experience or team of developers to connect, operate and begin achieving benefits.
Oracle offers the most complete, innovative, and proven suite of SaaS applications across CX, ERP, HCM, and Manufacturing. Leveraging domain knowledge and expertise, and working together with customers and partners, Oracle has identified the most important and substantial use cases where artificial intelligence and machine learning can improve and optimize business processes.
Oracle creates ready-to-go Oracle AI Apps, bundled with the most relevant data science models, enriched with customer and trusted data from Oracle Data Cloud and other external sources. The resulting AI-generated outcomes are surfaced directly and mostly in the Oracle Cloud Application suite to deliver the best in-context user experience that augments human potential in real time.
Connected Intelligence
Oracle AI Apps work across the enterprise, functional pillars, and geographical boundaries, using the modern Oracle Cloud infrastructure for seamless application and data interoperability.
Designed to connect intelligence across functional pillars, Oracle AI Apps autonomously coordinate derived data insights where smart outcomes become smart inputs to other Oracle AI Apps-driven processes, delivering up-to-the-minute actions and insights across CX, ERP, HCM, and Manufacturing.

Enriched with Trusted Data

Company Data
The power of Oracle AI Apps is in the data they consume. A company's first-party data provides a unique data shape, indicative of its unique business practices and circumstances. Company data powers our data science algorithms, driven by decision science techniques and technologies such as machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing. The entire system continuously learns and adapts based on a company's data to fine-tune AI-generated outcomes that address real-world business problems.
Trusted Data
Oracle AI Apps enrich a company's data at run time with trusted data from Oracle Data Cloud—the world's largest data marketplace—and other trusted 3rd party sources to provide context and understanding beyond company data. The data science models use the enriched data to deliver better and smarter outcomes. For example, context about a supplier's financial and risk profile can further optimize the recommendation for a supplier's payment terms.

Bundled Decision Science

AutoML Process
AutoML is a metadata-driven platform that enables dynamic feature engineering for automatic and continuous refinement of machine learning model outcomes. It helps Oracle streamline the build and delivery of new machine learning models at scale across many customers incorporating their associated data shapes. The AutoML platform autonomously handles the underlying tasks related to machine learning, including data ingestion, storage, and scheduling of model training.
With AutoML, Oracle enhances cloud applications with new, sophisticated, and powerful machine learning features more quickly. Customers can quickly and cost-effectively benefit from pre-built apps delivered from a single AutoML platform, that provide customized smart outputs that continuously and autonomously adapt over time. The tailored machine-learning outputs are generated in accordance with each customer's unique data shape, which in turn, influences the hyper-parameter tuning of the models.

Built on Modern Cloud Infrastructure

High Performance, Availability, and Scalability
Oracle AI Apps are built on Oracle's leading IaaS and PaaS products for high performance, high reliability, and high security, leveraging the breadth and depth of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
Oracle's modern cloud infrastructure is ideal for high-performance computing (HPC) workloads and file storage, which is optimal for Oracle AI Apps. It provides real-time, dynamic, elastic compute power—high performance and fast provisioning—and the latest security and management technologies, required by businesses today.
Within this infrastructure, Oracle AI Apps can provide millisecond response and delivery of smart outcomes, protection of company data, zero downtime patching and maintenance for maximum system availability, and efficient, low cost operation.
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