Adaptive Intelligent Apps


Data Connections
Oracle AI Apps is a suite of complete applications, with prebuilt and optimized components such as connectors, data science models, supervisory controls, and insights, specifically designed to get customers deployed, started and productive quickly.
A key design component is the data connections and drag-and-drop widgets.
Data connections source information from company and trusted data sources. Example data sources include Oracle Cloud Applications, licensed data feeds, and clickstream data that describes user interactions and intent.
Drag-and-drop widgets surface outcomes in the user interface of Oracle Cloud Applications or external applications.
Oracle Cloud Application Connections
Oracle AI Apps connect directly to Oracle Cloud Applications such as Oracle HCM Cloud, Oracle ERP Cloud, and Oracle CX Cloud through prebuilt connectors and REST web service APIs. Oracle AI Apps automatically ingest, rationalize, validate, update and synchronize relevant application data with built-in data science models. Prebuilt, drag-and-drop widgets automatically render decision science-driven recommendations directly in the Oracle Cloud Application. These automatic connections enable faster time to value and require minimal IT resources.
External Application Connections
To connect Oracle AI Apps to non-Oracle sources of information, or surface outcomes in non-Oracle applications, Oracle AI Apps provides a flexible integration framework based on REST web service APIs. Bulk-load interfaces ingest and synchronize large datasets. REST web service endpoints allow for industry-standard data transfers and updates. Oracle provides code templates for display widgets that render Oracle AI Apps outcomes in a wide variety of non-Oracle application interfaces. This flexible and industry-standard approach allows Oracle AI Apps to provide quick time-to-value in heterogeneous application environments.

Smart Actions

Smart actions usher in a new paradigm of user interaction with Oracle Cloud Applications. Based on a variety of learned behavior, AI and data-driven smart actions consider variables such as user role; tasks performed by similar user profiles; time of day, month, or year.
In-Line Recommendations
Smart actions are in-context, inline outputs and recommendations to guide proactive decisions that align with specific user roles, workflows, and business objectives. Smart actions surface directly within Oracle Cloud Applications, and provide users with contextually relevant guidance to make them more efficient and effective.
Examples include recommending the next best action for a sales rep to advance a sales opportunity, or for an accounts payable clerk to address a specific invoice anomaly.

Supervisory Management

Flexible Business Control
Oracle AI Apps deliver a healthy balance between AI and data-driven outcomes and human control. Through a series of built-in supervisory controls, users can interact directly with the data science. They can boost, constrain, and adjust policies when necessary to align with business goals and policies.
For example, marketers and merchandisers using Oracle AI Apps for CX can boost or constrain recommendations for specific products or brands according to specific business objectives, such as reducing excess inventory. Supervisory controls allow users to influence the output generated by the decision science engine. In the case of a product boosts, the marketer can give a product or brand more “weight”, increasing the probability that the product or brand will surface in the recommendation. In Oracle AI Apps for ERP, the finance team can set the range of discount percentages when negotiating payment terms with vendors to achieve the maximum benefit.


Business Impact Visibility
Insights from Oracle AI Apps provide in-the-moment performance displays to measure the impact of AI and data-driven outcomes across business processes and customer interactions. For example, insights measure marketing channel performance in Oracle AI Aps for CX, supplier metrics in Oracle AI Apps for ERP, and hiring efficiency in Oracle AI Apps for HCM. The insights quantify the business value provided by Oracle AI Apps and provide key business metrics for improved decision-making.

Privacy and Security

Oracle delivers state-of-the-art and differentiated security in Oracle Cloud, helping you ensure compliance with all regulations, including GDPR. Learn more about Oracle’s position on GDPR here.
Built-In Transparency and Consent
Oracle AI Apps facilitate transparent communication about an end user’s personal data through a combination of information in the user interface and documentation. Oracle AI Apps provide settings to ensure data is only processed and retained as required, and in a way that's compliant with European GDPR legislation. Settings can be configured specifically for each company’s individual website, allowing for a tailored approach per business area and geographic region.
Oracle AI Apps also provide an 'opt-out' mechanism for consumers. For added security, Oracle AI Apps do not store personally identifiable information (PII) and, where required, businesses can elect to delete customer data from the Oracle AI Apps environment completely. Oracle AI Apps enable businesses to maintain the compliance standards they have set for themselves in a clear and simple way.
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