Adaptive Intelligent Apps

Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps Add New Business Value to CX, HCM, SCM, and ERP

Adaptive Intelligent Apps are uniquely powered by enormous amounts of digital consumer and business data from Oracle’s Data Cloud, sophisticated decision science/machine learning, and a scalable cloud infrastructure


Adaptive Intelligent Apps Characteristics

Data and Context-Driven
Process enormous amounts of web-scale data in real-time and synthesizes context to deliver the best and most personalized outcomes.
Action-Oriented and Omni-Channel
Anticipate user behaviors and deliver actionable and individualized outcomes. Data and events are tracked from everywhere so recommendations are coordinated across channels.
Continuously Adaptive and Self-Learning
Continuously improves outcomes as the system reacts, learns and adapts. There is a value exchange between the end user and the adaptive intelligent app—the more the end user interacts, the more value they receive.
Built for Business Users
Immediate value out of the box, with no need for a legion of data scientists!
Learn from your behavior and "others like you" in the moment.
React, change, and adapt based on continued use—click by click.
Deliver increasingly relevant and optimized outcomes in real-time.
Process and derive insights from web-scale 3rd-party data.
Synthesize context: weather, life events, real-time actions, social activity, and much more.
Identify and serve up—in real-time—the best individualized outcomes.


Oracle Press Release: Intelligent Applications
Building on its position as the industry’s leading Cloud Applications provider, Oracle unveiled its strategy for next generation Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud offerings that blend third-party data with real-time analytics and behavioral inputs to create Cloud Applications that adapt and learn.
Ovum Analyst Report
Embedding intelligence – fueled by internal and external data sources – into applications to improve everyday decision-making, and therefore business outcomes, has the potential to bring analytics to the masses.
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