Student Cloud

Oracle Student Cloud is a comprehensive approach to managing the student lifecycle and relationships, from recruiting through alumni and donor management. The platform incorporates the key elements of managing student relationships and communication, providing institutions with the following tools.
Support the Core Business
Focus on the transactions that support the core business of higher education, including enrollment, student account management, student financial planning, assessment, and progression.
Reimagine the Student Journey
Engage with students with sophisticated social and interactive engagement capabilities.
Empower Student Success
Utilize artificial intelligence to provide recommendations and proactive guidance to empower the student to succeed with individualized attention every step of the way.
Oracle Student Cloud is being built and delivered in a componentized approach to facilitate customers' varied adoption plans. Student Cloud includes Student Engagement, Student Recruitment, Student Service, Student Management, Student Success, Student Financial Planning, and Advancement.

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Nicole Engelbert, VP of Higher Education Development, discusses the attributes of a next-generation student system.

DATA SHEET: Student Engagement

Oracle Student Engagement empowers university administrators with a comprehensive platform to manage highly personalized and targeted multichannel communications and engagement to support student recruiting, student retention and success initiatives, alumni and donor nurturing, and other outreach efforts to constituents across the full lifecycle.

DATA SHEET: Student Financial Planning

Oracle Student Financial Planning empowers financial aid professionals to manage each student's financial plan individually, automatically, and in real time—providing visibility into a student's entire program and supporting better-informed financial decisions and optimized outcomes.

DATA SHEET: Student Management

Oracle Student Management provides institutions with the capability and flexibility to serve traditional as well as non-traditional populations while allowing them to take advantage of new cloud deployment models and allow IT staff to focus on providing support for the mission critical tasks of teaching and learning.

DATA SHEET: Student Recruiting

Oracle Student Recruiting empowers university administrators with intuitive, modern capabilities to communicate and engage with prospective students who will be most likely to enroll and succeed at the institution.

READINESS: Student Management

A broad range of readiness assets are available to help you learn about the latest innovations.
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