Researcher/Faculty IT Cloud

Oracle's Researcher/Faculty IT Cloud solution offers researchers and academic departments a one-stop portal with infrastructure and platform cloud services that enable data collection, management, collaboration, and analysis at scale.
Accelerate Enterprise Research at Scale
Expedite enterprise research. Oracle has made significant investments in the cloud deployment of high-performance computing infrastructure and advanced analytics solutions.
Enable Innovation and Increase Efficiency
Collect, analyze, and collaborate across growing data sources. Oracle can accelerate discovery cycles by providing enterprise-wide big data environments inclusive of high-performance computing infrastructure, big data visualization tools, advanced and predictive analytics, R and machine learning/AI.
Ensure Security, Resilience, and Interoperability
Access and anatomize data. Research data is often extremely sensitive, and it contains valuable intellectual property. Oracle Infrastructure and Platform solutions include the world's most renowned data security capabilities, which are threaded into every layer—from database to storage.

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DATA SHEET: Researcher/Faculty IT Cloud

The Oracle Researcher/Faculty IT Cloud enables your researchers to maximize their research at scale and be able to spend more time on their academic mission, undertaking high-quality research, and improving the institution's brand. Your institution will have better control on research IT spend, will have increased data and IT resilience, and meet all necessary IT standards and regulations.

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