Institutional Excellence

Oracle's Institutional Excellence Industry Solution helps higher education institutions modernize their systems, cut costs, and improve financial and programmatic insights.
Simplify Institutional Operations
Embrace a single best process for the institution by looking to best practices from industry and adopting what makes sense and implement a process that links the institution's strategies with campus initiatives.
Standardize Business Processes
Shift to a simplified business process with the flexibility to respect the autonomy desired by colleges and departments. Modern systems—many of which are cloud-based—enable institutions to make this shift, reducing operating and maintenance costs.
Improve Operational Efficiency
Centralize core processes by moving them to a shared service or center of excellence, with defined global process owners as key stakeholders. It's this type of centralization that enables institutional leaders to gain greater insight into institutional operations, leading to continuous refinement of how best to align and allocate strategic resources to support the goals of the institution.
Automate Information
Empower faculty and staff through a self-service model to manage costs and drive data-driven discussions. By giving everyone across campus access to the data they need, when they need it, campus leaders enable people to innovate and make strategic decisions based on facts, not hunches.

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DATA SHEET: Institutional Excellence

For colleges and universities, modernization is no longer a question of if, but a question of when. The current operational model is outdated and no longer sustainable. To survive, institutions must embrace transformation and align all their diverse initiatives and operations into becoming a smart, fast, agile institution. The good news is Oracle can help. The Institutional Excellence solution can help Higher Education institutions modernize their systems, cut costs, and improve financial and programmatic insights.

REPORT: Leadership Makes a Difference

Oracle ERP Cloud is a Leader for the third consecutive year in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2019 report. This report is a must-read for finance and operations leaders to help with evaluating and selecting ERP cloud solutions.

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