Digital Campus Experience

Oracle has deep experience delivering innovative industry solutions in the cloud and is ideally positioned to empower colleges and universities to create the next-generation digital campus experience that connects people, processes, things and services.
Differentiate Your Campus with a Modern Digital Experience
Differentiate your institution with a modern digital campus experience to help attract and retain top students, faculty, and staff, including enabling your institution to deliver modern mobile services to any device at any time—from wearables to phones, tablets, and desktops.
Deliver a Seamless, Unified Mobile Platform
Transform your college brand and service opportunities for the campus community by giving your institution one mobile development platform to unify the various distributed apps, data, and services and deliver content in context to users anytime, anywhere, on any platform.
Empower Innovation on Your Campus
Differentiate your campus with innovation built into the Oracle Cloud platform. The Digital Campus Experience is a foundation for your campus to explore integration of new immersive capabilities in chatbot virtual assistant, location services, Internet of Things, and even mobile augmented and virtual reality.

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DATA SHEET: Digital Campus Experience

College students today live in an always-on, mobile-first world where consumer experiences such as Netflix and Amazon set the standard for how they experience brands and services. Universities are undergoing a digital transformation to offer a compelling learning environment and compete in a rapidly changing digital educational landscape. The Digital Campus Experience solution is a mobile, API-first platform approach to enable your campus to differentiate and innovate now and into the future.

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