Optimize user experience for the modern cloud

Ensure the best use of cloud resources by optimizing connection performance and ensuring availability.


Monitor the path between users and resources, and adapt to changes and outages with no user impact.


Automatically steer queries and messages, ensuring lightning-fast application responses and better message placement around the world.


Reliability, speed, and broad reach to supports traffic and message management needs of the largest web properties in the world.


Significantly improve your edge security posture with proven DNS infrastructure and reputable message delivery platforms.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Edge Offerings

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS, DDoS Protection, and Email Delivery are native services that leverage Dyn's industry leading technology to enable users to optimize performance, be protected from common cyber attacks, and scale communications.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS

Not only is DNS the first step in site and web application performance, it’s quickly becoming a strategic tool for network resiliency, optimizing global web application performance, and managing traffic across hybrid cloud environments. As applications and resources become more distributed an investment in DNS at the edge become paramount in delivering a high quality, consistent user experience.
DNS performance matters. For modern sites and applications, DNS resolution can account for up to 30% of site load time. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS, built on Dyn's pedigree in DNS and now integrated in to the Oracle Cloud console, is consistently at the top of the league table for DNS performance.

We respond to DNS queries in less than 30 milliseconds worldwide, and propagate records across the globe in under a minute. But, low latency and fast propagation alone aren’t enough, our network is consistently fast and responsive, delivering dependable performance for web sites and applications.

Analysis shows that Oracle DNS network performance is up to 10 times more consistent than competing networks. If your company runs on the web, faster DNS performance translates directly to better user experiences, improved customer loyalty, and increased revenues.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection provides protection against distributed denial of service attacks, including volumetric attacks, at no cost to customers.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Health Checks Coming Soon

Health Checks provide external monitoring of publicly facing services hosted in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or across hybrid delivery environments. Health Checks also provides the underlying availability testing in support of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS Traffic Management policies.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Email Delivery

With message volume rising year over year, reaching the intended recipient continues to remain a significant challenge, even for reputable senders. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Email Delivery, built on Dyn's Email Delivery technology, makes that challenge exponentially easier.
Dyn Email Delivery, now integrated and part of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has helped those with large sending needs overcome the challenges of inbox placement for over a decade. With proven reliability, scale, and ease of use, organizations can have high confidence that messages will reach their targeted audiences by leveraging the industry’s cleanest cloud-based network.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Web Application Firewall Coming Soon

Oracle's Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a 100% cloud-based, PCI-compliant, global security service that protects applications from malicious and unwanted internet traffic. This service can protect any internet facing endpoint, providing consist rule enforcement across a customer's applications.


Industry veterans discuss the new Edge Services accessible within the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console
It's easy to build transactional email into your applications with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Email Delivery
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