Content Collaboration in the Cloud - Bringing together people and information.

Enterprise collaboration that is social- and mobile-optimized. Built for the enterprise with robust security, application and business process integration, and sites enablement.

Social- and Mobile-Optimized.

Embedded social conversations and alerts, out-of-the-box mobile app and Presenter app for visual presentation.


Enterprise class security, multi-tenant architecture, detailed analytics and auditing.


Integrated with Oracle Process Cloud, Oracle Sites Cloud, SaaS and on-premises applications, content management systems. Robust APIs for easy integration with PaaS, third-party systems.

Simple and Easy to Use.

Business user friendly with drag and drop interfaces, radial menus and visually intuitive screens.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device
24 X 7 Access

Anytime, anywhere secure access to files, folders, people and conversations

Any Device Access

Access content from Apple or Android mobile devices, sync with your Mac or Windows PC or work off a web browser

Offline Access

Work offline with pre-synced content and sync when online

Content Collaboration
Intuitive Interface

User friendly drag and drop interface with radial menus, automatic versioning, 2-click actions for document collaboration, sharing

Social Collaboration

Collaborate within or outside the company using embedded conversations. Drive discussions at files, folders or thread levels

Integration with MS Office 365

Use seamlessly with productivity tools like MS Office 365 for embedding links within email, sharing directly from MS Office files, and more

Engagement and Communication
Interactive sites and communities

Drive content, conversations, self-service processes from rich, interactive and self-built micro sites and communities for meaningful engagement

Presenter App

Display presentations, PDFs, and other rich documents or curated content in a visually stunning way directly off iPads

Social Discussions

Drive social conversations in context of discussions, files, folders, teams or projects

Application Extensions
Hybrid Enterprise Content Management

Extend existing content into the cloud and sync back with master content to avoid content fragmentation

Enrich Applications

Embed content into existing applications for context or, extend application’s content in the cloud on sites and communities for easy and effective collaboration, access and engagement

In-Context Collaboration

Enhance business processes with content and social collaboration

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