Digital Media Optimized Workflows

Seamless Integrations
Integrations with leading digital media technology partners for advanced orchestration and distribution
Automated Metadata Capture
Actionable metadata is captured upon ingest to improve efficiency and project success
WAN Acceleration
WAN optimization ensures content moves quickly and securely across any WAN or private network

Content Management

Asset Lifecycle Management
Automated migration of content to new storage tiers based on user-defined policies
Partial File Restore
Time-code based partial restore allows frame-accurate retrieval of video clips from larger segments
Hybrid Flexibility
Manage assets in every stage of their lifecycle, both on-premise and in the cloud

Data Integrity and Security

Bit-Accurate Checksums
Checksum generation and verification validates media throughout the entire workflow
Access Control
Comprehensive permission structures protect content and provide granular access control
Content Replication
Automated asset replication and retrieval for disaster recovery and redundancy

Digital Media Storage

Non-Proprietary Archive Storage Format
SMPTE standard Archive eXchange Format (AXF) supports interoperability and long-term accessibility
Optimized for Large Files
Scalable performance and capacity to support high-resolution media assets, including DPX and 4K video formats
Centralized Storage
Centralized content repository provides access to media assets across geographic regions

Industry Integrations

Digital Media Cloud Marketplace
Integrations with SaaS offerings that enable transcoding, QC, WAN acceleration, metadata management and more
DIVA API Connectivity
Over 150 technology partners have integrated with DIVA API on-premise and in the cloud
End-To-End Workflows
Oracle DIVA provides a solid foundation for workflows ranging from broadcasting and post-production to marketing and rich media archiving
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Call us now
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