Streamline Team Development and Software Delivery.

Hosted team development and delivery platform including issue tracking, code versioning, wiki, agile-development tools, continuous integration and delivery automation.

Integrated DevOps Platform.

Streamline and automate development to delivery process with a unified integrated solution.

Polyglot Support.

Manage development in any language with unique build features for Java, JavaScript and Node.JS.


Provision environments in seconds with a cloud hosted platform.

Flexible Interfaces.

Leverage integration with popular IDEs , web interfaces and other standard interfaces to your environment.

Plan and Manage
Issue Tracking

Track and prioritize tasks, defects, and features

Team Management

Assign ownership and track team execution

Agile Dashboard

Manage and track development sprints

Version Management

Manage code with hosted Git repositories

Code Review

Conduct peer code review and comment directly on code

Track Changes

Associate code transactions with issues

Build and Deliver
Continuous Integration

Automate build, test, and delivery with popular frameworks


Orchestrate and monitor scalable complex builds

Deployment Automation

Streamline deployment to Oracle Cloud Services or on-premise environments

Team Collaboration
Activity Stream

Stay informed on project activities with a live feed


Share knowledge, documents, and information

Web Dashboard

Access all your project information from anywhere

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