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Oracle Documents Cloud Service provides different options for integrating with Oracle SaaS and third party applications through the included REST APIs. Some integration use cases to consider are described below.
You can use Oracle JDeveloper on your local machine to create a RESTful web service from Java classes, test that web service locally, then deploy it to a JCS - SaaS Extension instance.
You can create data models in Oracle Database Cloud Service (Database Schema), separate from your Oracle Sales Cloud or other Oracle SaaS application.
Applications deployed to JCS - SaaS Extension can be used to extend the functionality of Oracle SaaS products, such as CPQ Cloud
To make CPQ Cloud RESTful web services available for other applications such as JCS - SaaS Extension applications, you need to configure CPQ Cloud to act as an OAuth server.
It is important to protect JCS - SaaS Extension applications that have access to Oracle Sales Cloud. Tenant restricted authentication allows you to enforce security effectively.
To extend Oracle Sales Cloud functionality, you can use the built-in tools, or JCS - SaaS Extension, or both.
You can extend Oracle CPQ Cloud (Configure, Price and Quote) with Oracle PaaS by integrating with an external application hosted in Oracle JCS - SaaS Extension.
You have several user authorization options, dependent on whether your services are associated, the features of your service, and the integration patterns across your services.
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