A Platform as a Service Development Environment for the Enterprise
Simplify development with an automatically provisioned development platform that supports the complete development lifecycle
  • Develop
    A turnkey development platform securely hosted in the cloud
  • Collaborate
    Integrated tools to manage and track tasks, builds, and documentation
  • Deploy
    Automatic deployment to Oracle Java Cloud Service or your local infrastructure
Source Control Management
Create hosted GIT repositories to manage project source files
Use Maven repositories to manage libraries
Integrate existing repositories in GitHub
Issue Tracking
Provision a cloud-based issue tracking system for each project
Track development tasks and file defects, and suggest enhancements
Associate code transactions with issues
Hudson Continuous Integration
Automate and integrate scalable build and testing environments
Receive immediate feedback
Deploy to Oracle Java Cloud Service and local environments
Wiki Collaboration
Have documentation services for each project
Define and collaborate on project requirements
Choose the wiki markup to fit your project
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