Drive Efficient Maintenance Operations with Connected Maintenance

Leverage advances in the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to make smarter decisions and drive efficient maintenance operations in the cloud. Increase equipment reliability and uptime while managing and reducing overall maintenance costs by moving to a predictive maintenance model. Drive optimized supply chain management and improved customer experiences with real-time insights from connected assets.

Smart Decisions with AI and ML

Automatically generate recommendations to optimize maintenance schedule that maximizes machine uptime using adaptive intelligence and machine learning.

Connected Maintenance with IoT

Connected assets allow you to better anticipate ongoing downtime and maintenance needs. Improve the operational efficiency of physical assets, uptime, and productivity.

Optimized Operations with Real-Time Actionable Insights

Optimize business process and reduce operations costs and risks with data-driven decision making in real time.

Predictive Maintenance with Digital Twins

Facilitate predictive maintenance with digital twins, providing a complete real-time model of the assets and their performance. Predict equipment failures and improve overall equipment effectiveness.


Oracle IoT Production Monitoring Cloud for Industry 4.0
Achieve tomorrow's maintenance today by holistically combining all elements of Industry 4.0 and drive automation with IoT.
Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud
Proactively monitor and maintain assets based on early detection and predictions to ensure uptime and extend asset lifecycles.
Remote Monitoring and Maintenance
Asset-intensive industries face a range of challenges when it comes to ensuring mission-critical plants and equipment operate at maximum efficiency and uptime.
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Rufen Sie uns an
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